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Commercial freezer noise solutions


Latest company news about Commercial freezer noise solutions

Commercial freezer noise solutions

    The noise of convenience store freezer is generally caused by the noise of compressor and cooler, and the relatively closed environment will increase the noise decibel number when the freezer is working. We can avoid some wrong operation and wrong use habits to reduce the noise of the convenience store freezer on the degree of human impact.

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Green&Health Island Freezer Auto defrost by hot copper


  First of all, we must first find out why the sound of the freezer is getting louder and louder, or what causes the noise of the freezer to appear. In general, in the freezer when the initial start is most likely to happen, the initial start when the compressor workload is the largest, the noise is also the largest time.

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1. Convenience store freezer top placed items. Freezer and its top placed items will resonate when the motor starts, thus emitting noise.

Solution: remove the items on top of the cooler, so that it does not resonate, the noise is naturally eliminated.


2. There are small items falling into the back of the machine part of the convenience store cooler. The rear part of the machine part of the cooler (in the lower part of the back of the refrigerator) fell into the small things, such as bottle caps, lighters, small tools, etc., will also produce noise.

Solution: Turn off the power of the refrigerator will fall into the machine inside the small items to remove the noise will disappear.


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3. Convenience store freezer placement position is not flat. Convenience store freezer placed on the floor is not flat or placed unstable, is a common reason for the freezer noise.

The solution: is to screw the bottom of the electric freezer adjustment screws, adjust the height, when the adjustment screws contact the ground, four feet contact the ground, that is the best condition.

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Green&Health Island Freezer

1.famous brand compressor,R290 environment-protection refrigerant

2. ElitechTemperature Control

3. Glass door direction: up and down. Sliding LOW-E tempered glass lids

4. Customized 220V/50HZ,110v/60HZ

5. Corrosion-resistant prepainted steel plate

6. Built-in energy saving LED lamp

7. Auto defrost by hot copper

8. Elegant anti-collision for protection

9. Display scheme: Flexible combination according to demand.

10. Color optional: white / black / gray...

11. Using famous compressor, dual-compressor for fast freezing.

12· Large glass window, so that goods at a glance.

13· Universal caster wheel, convenient to move.

14· Aluminum alloy corners are firm and durable.

15· Flat-bottom structure or huge capacitydesign.

16· Air cooling condenser.


Green&Health company has been engaged in commercial refrigeration equipment for more than ten years. We are a professional manufacturer that can provide customized service, so that you can use the most affordable price to buy the most satisfactory products.


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