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Restaurant Commercial Cold Storage Room , Walk In Refrigerator White Color

Restaurant Commercial Cold Storage Room , Walk In Refrigerator White Color

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Product Details
Food Storage
Power Resource:
220v /380v/50/60HZ
Copeland/Famous Brand
Water Pipe:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
USD2500~50000 per unit
Packaging Details
Wooden frame
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
1000units per month
Product Description

Restaurant Commercial Cold Storage Cold Room,Walk In Refrigerator,Freezer Room


Cold storage board features:

Cold storage plate in the middle of the heat preservation material adopts polyurethane hard foam, it is the lowest in building material coefficient of thermal conductivity, thermal insulation performance of the best products.
Through the closed bubble formed in the forming process of pore structure, can effectively block the water vapor permeability, bibulous rate is extremely low, thus exerting excellent insulation performance, products are widely used in logistics, warehousing, hotel food and beverage, pharmaceutical, food processing, environmenta testing and other various industries and fields.

Feature ltem Unit Technique Requirement Test Result
Average Density Kg/m3 40±2 40
Heat Conductivity W/m.k ≤0.024 ≤0.021
Compressive Strength Kpa ≥160 ≥171


Cold storage board standard:

According to the requirements of use of thermal insulation and cold storage board place is different, can choose different size and the thickness of the material according to the requirements of library board products.
Usually there are four refrigerator plate thickness specification, and make some cold storage plate height and width is according to the size of the scene of the customer or the customer specific requirements for customization.

Restaurant Commercial Cold Storage Cold Room,Walk In Refrigerator,Freezer Room

1)Size standard contrast as follows:

No. Surface material Material Thickness The Thickness Of The Product
1 Painted galvanized steel 0.326,0.376,0.426,
50 60 75 100 150
2 Stainless steel 0.5,0.6,0.8-1.5 O O O O O
3 Stucco embossed aluminium 0.6,0.8 O O O O O
4 PVF steel 0.6,0.8 O O O O O
5 Written plank combination Customer choice O O O O O
6 Pu panel --- O O O O O


2)Using the selection criteria:

No. Base plate thinckness Library inside and outside temperature Applicable temperature range Base plate height The length of the roof
1 50 30

High temperature

(5 ℃ or above)

≤3000 ≤2300
2 60 35

High temperature

(5 ℃ or above)

≤3000 2300
3 75 40

medium temperature

(-5℃ or above)

≤4000 ≤3000
4 100 50

Low temperature

(-30℃ or above)

≤6300 ≤4500
5 150 70

UItra Low temperature

(-45℃ or above)

≤10000 6000


Remark:Special circumstances can be customized according tocustomer's request,when installation should be according to the actual situation

configuration walls strengthening beam or hanger steel roof.


1, Hotel kitchen and restaurant chain of high and low temperature cold storage, the proposal USES 100 mm thick plate refrigerator.
2, below-30℃ low temperature cold storage, recommended 150 mm thick plate refrigerator.


1.Cold Storage Panel:

The structure characteristics of cold storage panel

Adopt new automatic molding equipment, single template using a 50 mm thick steel plate, internal potential temperature control system is equipped with a cold, keep the panel in the process of forming the best molding temperature, to ensure that the library board face level off after the plate shape.



1) Eccentric device for the cam lock, cam particularly on processing, simple to use convenient.

2) That between of the cam lock outside and PU panel Interface of flanging process, make the lock hook and PU closer connection.

3) Cold storage panel adopts special mould, through high pressure foaming and molding, board with board between structure closely, with sealing gasket.


2. Different material panel:



No. Material Material characteristics Applied range Material thickness
1 Stainless steel Use 304# steel,with good corrosion resistance and heat resistance, low temperature strength and good mechanical properties such as resistance to bending,non-magnetic Applicable to high-end hotels and seafood, such as cold storage. 0.5mm~1.5mm
2 PVF steel PVF steel was made by thin steel, the surface composite light or inferior smooth PVC film of a metal composite panels. Applicable to acid cold storage,such as:seafood frozen trunk Marine refrigerated container etc 0.6mm&0.8mm
3 Stucco embossed aluminium Used the mold to make the flat aluminum plate extrusion grain. Applicable to indoor hotel/kitchen refrigerator. 0.6mm&0.8mm
4 Painted galvanized steel Hot galvanized or hot dip aluminum zinc plate as substrate, the lacquer that bake again. Applicable to the logistics/food/hotel/warehousing
and cold storage
5 Galvanized steel In the manufacture of 80-125 grams of zinc on the surface plating layer, after heat treatment after forming,strong corrosion resistance. Applicable to cold storage bedplate 0.5mm~1.5mm
6 Non-slip aluminum plate Made of aluminum alloy materials after surface processing extrusion molding, non-slip LiuYeXing decorative pattern,hardness high corrosion resistance. Applicable to the personnel frequent trample, not lay cement tile floor 1.5mm~5.0mm


Note: According to the different requirements of customers, refrigerator production use different material combination.(specific can see the table below)
The cold storage floor interior surface and buried steel or wood square, reinforcement, so as to adapt to replenish onr's stock in the heavy truck driving or bear the weight of the shelf.
Some cold storage directly using strip PU do bottom, in its upper berth on a certain thickness of cement to make a floor board, such already strong and durable, suitable for hotel kitchen.




Restaurant Commercial Cold Storage Cold Room,Walk In Refrigerator,Freezer Room

Cold storage board structure characteristics:

Combination cold storage was assembled by PU panels, Cold storage board uses the lock hook link, set up the refrigerator can be combined flexible and convenient. Production mold is designed by adopting special prefabrication, standard width have some specifications 295 mm,590 mm,885 mm,960 mm,1180mm.
Panels with design configuration sealant, ensure that coldstorage leakage in the cold and damp proof, make refrigerator plate appearance more beautiful and easy, to avoid the library board due to hit the glass glue seal between the dismantling of the inconvenience.
Panels adopts full galvanized anti-rust metal between eccentric locking hook, become an organic whole repeatedly make the library structure, more closely with strong, cold storage at the same time has good air tightness and heat insulation effect, is easy to tear open outfit, flexible movement, etc.
Panels was connected by the type of eccentric locks with better air tightness close and better insulation effect, has the disassembling easiliy, can be flexible mobile etc. Such kind of cold storge can be assembled to be different size and capacity on different place.



Restaurant Commercial Cold Storage Room , Walk In Refrigerator White Color 1






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