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What is blast freezing?


Latest company news about What is blast freezing?

What is blast freezing?

    Quick freezing cold storage: is the method of rapid freezing of food through its maximum ice crystal formation zone, when the average temperature reaches -18 ℃. Before we introduced the freezer, today we mainly introduce the quick-freezing storage.


     Food in the freezing process will occur in a variety of changes, such as physical changes, cellular organization changes, and biological and microbiological changes. General temperature quick-freezing cold storage temperature is generally -15 ℃ ~ -35 ℃.


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Green&Health Cold Storage Room Materials : Polyurethane and metal sheet ;


    Quick-freezing storage, cold storage, fresh storage difference in the industry, according to the different products in the cold storage temperature requirements, generally divided into the following types of cold storage:


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    1, fresh storage: fresh storage library temperature is generally 0 ℃ ~ 5 ℃, mainly used for freshness, that is, in a longer period of time to maximize the original quality and freshness of agricultural products, agricultural products live body body as far as possible not to die, the cells in the process of cooling in a dormant state, reduce nutrient loss, to maintain the quality of freshness. This is generally applied to fruits and vegetables in this category. Now the fruit and vegetable industry, are centralized planting, in the process of transportation, sale, etc., it is inevitable to use the cold storage to maintain the nutrients of fruits and vegetables should be.


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    2, cold storage: cold storage temperature is generally -15 ℃ ~ -18 ℃. Generally irregular and gradual food into the cold storage, after a period of time, the temperature of cold storage to reach -18 ℃, pick-up is also irregular, irregular. There is no specific requirement for this "period of time", which is a typical cold storage. For example, meat, aquatic products are stored at a higher temperature requirements to maintain the internal class does not deteriorate. And in the sales process should not be taken out of storage, generally large supermarkets within the cold storage are refrigerated storage.

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    3, quick-freeze warehouse: quick-freeze warehouse temperature is generally in -35 ~ -40 ℃, for the rapid freezing of materials with low-temperature freezer warehouse temperature is generally in -18 ~ -20 ℃, for the quick-frozen materials after a long period of storage use. It is a variety of refrigeration equipment, that is, artificial refrigeration, so that the room to maintain a certain low temperature. Freezer compared to the freshness of the library, its role in the mechanism is very different, too low a temperature will cause food such as meat seafood cell tissue death, freshness will be greatly affected, so for the storage of fruits and vegetables and meat, not the lower the temperature the better.


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Cold Storage Room from Green&Health

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