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What can i do when my freezer is no cooling ?


Latest company news about What can i do when my freezer is no cooling ?

What can i do when my freezer is no cooling ?


Freezer not cooling reasons, freezer not cooling how to do?

Freezer refrigerator not cooling , is the enemy of users freezer , a refrigerator not cooling of little use , the following points summarize the reasons for the refrigerator not cooling !

1, the refrigerator thermostat is installed in the freezer and refrigerator temperature did not reach the required temperature thermostat so stop . Compressor non-stop day and night, it may cause the freezer refrigerant cooling limit temperature . This phenomenon occurs in the majority of air-cooled refrigerator freezer . The reason is that the freezer evaporator frost flower is broken, resulting in a block of ice. Can not rule out the bad air cooling fan , and items in the refrigerator too clogged vent will cause poor cooling effect caused .

2 , the freezer temperature direct-cool refrigerator with freezer compartment temperature control is adjusted automatically , you can put some freezer temperature can be lowered . General freezer temperature 4-10 degrees is normal. Note that the lower the temperature the greater the temperature controller digital, digital to be bigger in summer, winter figure to be smaller. Plus often open the refrigerator door, the refrigerator more items, resulting in a refrigerator not cooling or cooling effect is not ideal.

3, the refrigerator is not cooling because there may be a problem with the refrigerator compressor. Compressor can be started, removed the muffler outlet with a finger when blocked, the prosecution is much lower pressures, such as too low, then there is a problem compressor compressor does not start, check whether the power under the refrigerator plugged mention.

4, open the freezer door, watching the lights are lit inside to make sure the power is turned on the refrigerator. If the lamp is not lit the electric pen or a multimeter to check the power outlet has power, refrigerator power plug connector is good.

5, with a multimeter to check the power supply voltage is below 187 volts, according to national standards because refrigerators normal voltage of 187V - 242V (unless otherwise stated manufacturer), lower than the 187-volt refrigerator compressor is not effectively normal starts.

6, when the ambient temperature is below normal temperature controllers start temperature, cryogenic refrigerators should check whether the switch is open. Only open cryogenic temperature controller forced to make the switch to boot.

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