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What are the advantages of supermarket combination island freezer?


Latest company news about What are the advantages of supermarket combination island freezer?

What are the advantages of supermarket combination island freezer?


      Combined island freezer is a common commercial refrigeration equipment in supermarkets. Horizontal combined island cabinet can be divided into two kinds according to different needs: freezer and chiller. The popular island freezer is mainly used for freezing meat, ice cream, fish balls and lamb rolls. This kind of island freezer is favored by the market because of its good appearance and efficient freezing effect. So, let's see what are the advantages of the combined island freezer?


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  • Direct cooling and auto defrost


      The island freezer from Green&Health adopts direct cooling and the temperature is controlled at -18~-22 degrees, which is very suitable for storing frozen food.Automatic frost function, can avoid food frosting, and easy to clean and maintain, keeping the cabinet clean and sanitary.


  • Low temperature extends food storage time


      Our island freezer can greatly prolong the preservation time of food, effectively ensure the freshness of food materials, and avoid the phenomenon of food deterioration.


  • Large glass window to enhance the display effect


      The horizontal island freezer adopts HD thickened glass, which can not only effectively isolate the hot air, but also enable customers to see the goods inside clearly and improve their purchase desire.


latest company news about What are the advantages of supermarket combination island freezer?  1


  • Optimize layout and save space


       Several island freezer can be combined together to optimize the layout of the supermarket and save space. This combined design and other supermarket equipment complement each other, constitute a spacious and comfortable shopping environment. The island freezer can make full use of the limited space to better display the goods and facilitate the purchase of customers.


  • Energy saving and environmental protection


      The island freezer is energy saving and environmental protection, with small power consumption, about 8~10 KWH of electricity per day.Customers determine their own needs to open the refrigerator to take things, to a certain extent also save electricity.


  • Cheap price, cost-effective preferred


      Compared to other commercial refrigeration equipment, such as multi deck open chiller. Island freezer price is low, cost-effective. And our company as the source manufacturer, can also give you a lower price.


      Green&Health, can provide you with a full set of refrigeration equipment services! As a professional refrigerator manufacturer, our company can provide you with satisfactory commercial refrigerator solutions according to the actual needs of buyers.



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