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The use of fresh meat cabinet tips


Latest company news about The use of fresh meat cabinet tips

The use of fresh meat cabinet tips

We usually go to the supermarket convenience store, the market on the purchase of fresh meat, will find fresh meat are placed in a refrigerated cabinet, this is why? In the end, the freezer is how to ensure the fresh quality of meat? Today I will tell you the reason.

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Green&Health Fresh meat showcase refrigerator


We are used to the meat we buy back into the freezer in the fresh layer, when we are a long time to save is placed in the freezer layer, so we are at home in the most common method of preserving meat, but the supermarket in the freezer and the home of the different, the use of natural methods are also different, and today to talk to you about how to ensure that fresh meat of the quality of fresh meat to ensure that the nutrients will not be Loss.

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1, how to keep fresh meat in the supermarket freezer

In fact, the supermarket method of meat preservation with our methods at home is basically the same, mainly through the fresh meat into the freezer fresh storage, fresh meat freezer to ensure that a fresh meat is the most appropriate temperature for fresh storage, to ensure the freshness of meat, in fact, is also the nutrients in the fresh meat with a low temperature will be locked to ensure that the quality of meat of fresh.

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2, thawed fresh meat can not be put into the freezer refreezing.

We thawed meat can not be put in the freezer in this freezer, because in this period, meat after high temperature freezing, meat will be susceptible to bacterial erosion, resulting in meat deterioration problems, affecting the consumption of meat.

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Fresh Meat Showcase from Green&Health

1.Air cooling without frost, fast and uniform cooling.

2.Microcomputer intelligent temperature control, simple and easy to operate.

3.LED energy-saving lamp tube, high brightness, low power consumption.

4.Frequency conversion technology, low noise, energy saving of nearly 30% during normal operation.

5.Excellent compressor:long life span,stable performance,low noise,faster cooling.

6.The inside cabinet use stainless steel,corrosion resistant,easy to clean,prevent the food polluted,keep food fresh.

7.Microporous wind uniform distribution,temperature stability inside,food is not easy to dry.

8.The large capacity design, making the store more food.

9.Coated steel inner, health, beautiful and clean.


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