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The Function and Purchase Guide of Supermarket Multi deck Open Chiller


Latest company news about The Function and Purchase Guide of Supermarket Multi deck Open Chiller

The Function and Purchase Guide of Supermarket Multi deck Open Chiller



I. The Function of Supermarket Open Display Chiller


Supermarket open fridge play an indispensable role in modern retail businesses. Below, we will explore the main functions of these display chiller in detail.

  • Excellent Preservation Effect

Supermarket multideck open chiller utilize advanced refrigeration technology to maintain a stable internal temperature, effectively extending the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, meats, and other food items. This ensures freshness, reduces loss for businesses, and improves operational efficiency.

  • Enhanced Merchandise Display

Supermarket air curtain display coolers feature an open design that clearly showcases products, allowing customers to have a clear overview. Additionally, the lighting system in the display cases also enhances the attractiveness of the merchandise, increasing customer purchasing intentions.

  • Elevated Store Image

The appearance design and material selection of supermarket display chiller are meticulously crafted to blend with the overall store decor, enhancing the store's image and level.

  • Environmental Protection and Energy Saving

With increasing environmental awareness, supermarket open chiller are becoming more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Many display cases now employ energy-saving technologies such as intelligent temperature control and efficient cooling to reduce energy consumption and lower operational costs for businesses.



II. Purchase Guide for Supermarket Air Curtain Display Cases


When purchasing multideck open chiler, we need to consider the following factors:

  • Size and Capacity

Firstly, we need to choose an appropriate size and capacity for the air curtain display showcase based on the store's size and storage needs. Smaller stores can opt for smaller display chiller, while larger storage requirements necessitate larger capacity display cases.

  • Refrigeration Performance

Refrigeration performance is a crucial indicator for air curtain display cases. We should select display refrigerator with fast cooling speed, precise temperature control, and stable operation. Additionally, it is important to understand the difference between air-cooled and direct-cooled systems to select the appropriate type based on our needs.

  • Energy Efficiency Rating

Higher energy efficiency ratings indicate lower energy consumption, resulting in significant savings on electricity bills over time. Therefore, we should pay attention to the energy efficiency rating of the open chiller and select products with higher ratings.

  • Material and Quality

The material and quality of the air curtain display case directly affect its durability and safety. We should choose commercial open chiller made from sturdy materials and reliable quality to ensure stability and safety.

  • After-sales Service

After-sales service is also a factor to consider when purchasing supermarket display fridge. We should select brands with comprehensive after-sales service systems to ensure prompt resolution of any issues that may arise during use.

  • Noise Level

The noise level of the supermarket fridge is another aspect to consider. We should choose products with lower noise levels to avoid disturbing customers and employees.

  • Additional Features

Some multideck open refrigerator also come with additional features such as defrosting and lighting. We can select these features based on our specific needs.


In conclusion, supermarket open chiller play a vital role in modern retail businesses. When making a purchase, we should comprehensively consider factors such as size and capacity, refrigeration performance, energy efficiency rating, material and quality, after-sales service, noise level, and additional features to select the most suitable air curtain display foods chiller for our needs.




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