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Some tips on refrigerator power saving


Latest company news about Some tips on refrigerator power saving

Some tips on refrigerator power saving


First, the location of placement:


     Refrigerator should be placed in a cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight or near the stove and other heat sources, the environment in which good ventilation, condenser easy to dissipate heat, to improve the refrigerator operating efficiency. Refrigerator back from the wall at least 10 cm, top and side to maintain 30 cm of space, in order to improve the heat dissipation effect and operating efficiency. At the same time to often keep the refrigerator clean, because the condenser and compressor surface dust will affect the cooling effect.

     Green&Health showcase cooler use pure copper tube condenser and evaporator, good heat dissipation. 

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Second, to open and close the refrigerator door:

    Refrigerator door should be kept airtight, door seam seal damage should be repaired immediately, try to reduce the refrigerator non-essential open the door times and open time, non-frost refrigerator should also be regularly defrosted, regularly to the condenser dust, so as not to affect the cooling effect, waste of electricity.


Third, the placement of food:

    General food preservation effect in 8 to 10 degrees Celsius is good, the food placed in the refrigerator should not be too full too dense, so as not to block the flow of cold air, causing the refrigerator does not refrigeration or load too heavy.


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    Food and the box should be left between more than 10 mm gap, conducive to the flow of cold air in the box, so that the box temperature uniform and stable, reduce power consumption. Hot food should wait for its cooling to room temperature before putting into the refrigerator, can effectively avoid wasting electricity. Making frozen food should use cold boiling water, avoid using hot boiling water, it is best to put in the refrigerator at night, because the night ambient temperature is low. Frozen food ready to eat should be slowly melted in the freezer in advance, which can reduce the temperature of the freezer and save electricity consumption.


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Upright drinks display chiller from Green&Health

Our commercial beverage refrigerator is perfect for any business or home.


1. Humanity and elegant appearance design.

2. With large capacity, can storage more products.

3. Pure copper tube condenser and evaporator.

4. High efficiency imported brand Danfoss/Embraco compressor with R134a refrigerant.

5. Self-closing door, and double glazing glass door.

6. With strong load-bearing shelves, and 5 layers can be adjustable;

7. It features fan cooling with self defrost, glass door with heater, no drops,

8. Self evaporated water system, self rebound door,

9. Brand compressor: Secop.

10. It comes with an energy-saving LED light and intelligence controller.

11. Plus, the thickening adjustable shelf makes it perfect for all your storage needs.


Green&Health company has been engaged in commercial refrigeration equipment for more than ten years. We are a professional manufacturer that can provide customized service, so that you can use the most affordable price to buy the most satisfactory products.

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