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Preservation Flowers Methods By Fridges


Latest company news about Preservation Flowers Methods By Fridges

Preservation Flowers Methods By Fridges


Fisrt flower cooler , flower chiller , flower freezer , preservation methods - Gladiolus maintenance

Otherwise, easy to bend the stems .

1 Do not lie flat when stored upright required . But do need to pay attention to water and chlorine ( bleach ) easily lead to leaf blight.

2 re-cut the stems and that is inserted into the water absorbing freezer . Flowers freezers can reduce the tip bent , 3 top of the small inflorescence bud removal. May contribute to other buds open. Opening was better and lasting.

3 When using the best frozen over flowers into the water with preservative.


Second flower cooler , flower chiller , flower freezer , preservation methods - roses maintenance :

You can stalk miter ,

1. Prevention flower heads bent Zhetou phenomenon. Mosaic to properly wrapped in newspaper, put the whole immersed in water absorbent. Slashing the base of warm water  

2. Zhetou phenomenon has occurred. Insertion PH3.545 preservation solution can be restored. Thorn into the water, leaves removed

3 when finishing loose outer petals can be removed. Flowers freezer to prevent bacterial infection in the wound, you should use bleach or preservative, bottles and longer life. In order to avoid an early fade.

4 ethylene-sensitive should stay away from over-ripe fruit (such as bananas, apples) incense and so on.

Three flower cooler , flower chiller , flower freezer , preservation methods- lilies maintenance :


So breathable freezer, one would squid spread. Inserted and cut off the base of 35 cm of water, removing leaves below the horizontal. Avoid accidentally gets difficult period clothes washing.

2  When the flowers open upcoming mosaic drugs removed.
3  Adding bleach or preservative extended flowering period.
4  but early flowering can be inserted into the warm water. Need to avoid cooked fruits and vegetables, incense, smoke and so on. 5 for ethylene sensitive.

Four flower cooler , flower chiller , flower freezer , preservation methods - gerbera maintenance

Inserted into the water cooler,

1  To blade Vicinal department. Adding preservative better. To correct pattern

2  Generally wire wrapped the stems, but easy to make the stems were injured, non-essential is not wrapped around better. Avoid mildew.

3  Do not spray directly on the surface of the flower. Avoid direct hit bottom,

4  Put flower arranging. To facilitate water absorption and prevent bacterial infections.

Five flower cooler , flower chiller , flower freezer , preservation methods - carnations maintenance

Vicinal Department into the water after

1  Removing blades to be inserted deep in the water. Among flowers to keep good ventilation. Avoid ulceration

2  Flowers can not spray. ">To be away from overripe fruits and vegetables, incense, smoke, etc.,

3  For "ethylene" sensitive. Added to the water resistant vinyl preservative better.
4 To put up early after re-cut the stems inserted in 20-24 ℃ warm water preservation solution.


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