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Precautions for installation and use of cold storage


Latest company news about Precautions for installation and use of cold storage

Precautions for installation and use of cold storage



1. The refrigeration compressor unit is not equipped with vibration damping or has poor vibration damping effect. According to the installation specifications, the overall vibration reduction device of the unit should be installed. If the vibration reduction is not standardized or there are no vibration reduction measures, it will cause severe machine vibration, which is easy to cause pipeline cracking, equipment damage, and even machine room damage.



2. The refrigerant pipeline lacks or lacks a return bend. When the pipeline for transporting refrigerant turns from horizontal to upward, it must be made into a small U-shaped bend that first hangs downwards and then upwards. Only when the pipeline goes upwards can it be qualified. It cannot be directly turned upwards at a 90 degree angle. Otherwise, the oil in the system cannot return well to the compressor, and a large amount of sediment will accumulate in the cold air fan, making the fan and the entire system unable to function properly, and even damaging the fan and unit equipment.



3. The refrigerant pipeline connection is uneven. When the unit pipeline is connected to a group of multiple compressors, in order to evenly distribute the return oil to each compressor, the main pipeline interface must be set in the middle position of the multiple machine heads, and then some branch pipelines should be set on both sides to allow the return oil to flow evenly into multiple compressor branch pipelines. Moreover, valves should be installed on each branch pipe to regulate the return oil volume.



4. The pipeline is not insulated. If there is no insulation material, the cold pipeline will frost at the ambient temperature, which will affect the refrigeration effect, increase the unit load, and then cause the unit to operate at an excessive intensity, reducing the unit's service life.



5. Regularly check various technical indicators and make timely adjustments. The operating temperature and pressure of the system, as well as the amount of lubricating oil and refrigerant, should be checked and adjusted in a timely manner. The system should have automatic control and compressor alarm devices. Once there is a problem, it will issue an alarm prompt or automatically shut down the compressor for protection.



6. Maintenance and upkeep of the unit. Regularly replace the lubricating oil and filter. Add refrigerant as needed. The condensor should be cleaned at all times and kept clean to avoid dust, mud, or flying debris that may affect the refrigeration effect. Lubricating oil may have undergone changes in its performance after operating at high temperatures for a long time in the system, and may no longer be able to provide the necessary lubrication. Filters should also be replaced regularly.


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