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pharmaceutical Cold Storage Room installation


Latest company news about pharmaceutical Cold Storage Room installation

Firstly, the cold storage mounting specification


Entered the construction site, according to construction plans, construction verification, to determine installation location (library body, the vent door, evaporator, hosts, condensers, control systems, etc.).


  1. Floor installation work content 1.1

  First floor leveling, began by loading floor, pick beautiful floor put in a prominent place, and make the floor and evaporator drainage system.

  1.2 Quality requirements

  Floor installation flat, uneven material at the level of the floor mat, and between the board and the board locking latch hooks, to the library, flat surface, without hollow feeling. (Note that this drainage system installed in the north as storage body outside the drainage required insulation).

  2. Riser Installation

  2.1 content of the work before the election according to the field situation corner, and positioning (ie the vertical plate and floor lock) extends to both sides of this angle, only to stand between the locking plate and the standing board, met Li corners on location, beautiful The board put in a prominent place, attached to the side of the evaporator, the advance of the drain well, outside the library need to do U-bend and silica gel.

 2.2 Quality requirements

 Riser conspicuous planing, the library board no pits, craniofacial stand plate flush with the upright plate between the vertical plate uniform gap, a prominent stand at the corner angle flush with the floor.

 3. Day panel installation

 3.1 work content

 First select a head positioning days gusset and extends laying between the top plate and the days of the locking plate, top plate and stand conspicuous one end plate to ensure smooth and tighten the installation to prevent moves.

 3.2 Quality requirements conspicuous and beautiful day at the day board selection board, and the standing board seams day to flush small gap between the library inside a flat top plate.

 4. After the day, the upright plate is generally installed, between heaven and amend legislation, legislation flush with the floor and locking all latch hook each other.

 5. Experience required flared library board, flared at the be polished, no glitches encountered libraries need to pull angle aluminum plate, the silica gel, and then pull angle aluminum, to ensure tightness.

 6. After mounting a good library, behind time playing silicone, silicone seam smooth, smooth, silicone best fight came in the day when call it a day treatment to prevent break something.

 II. Cold storage equipment installation construction drawings and specifications according to the situation at the scene determined equipment installation.


An evaporator mounted specification


 1.1 Installation contents first lifting screw holes a good start and a good start brass and wire hole, after finishing second hole to prevent the fast mouth to stay hidden, self-made evaporator drain back of the upright plate is positioned as 300MM, evaporator Vertical drainage hole drainage hole and the standing board well in advance of, the height difference between the two is 250MM, the case of freezer, electric wire inside the drain through the drainage, drainage electric wire heating parts, extends only within the library board 50MM Department, Drainage external thermal insulation, refrigeration without electric wire, the other the same.

 1.2 Lifting attention not toward the evaporator inlet doors, hanging on the refrigerator evaporator best longest end, the evaporator outlet is best not to the door, (evaporator get ranked in order to repair).

 2. The cold storage units host location host installation specification from the evaporator as close as possible, and easy maintenance, good heat dissipation, such as the relocation need to install a canopy, the host bits need to be placed shockproof gasket corners, mounted horizontally solid, easy to be touched a.

 2.1 condenser condenser was installed from the host placement as close as possible, the best host in the host partial condenser installation position with the best thermal environment, not against other equipment suction outlet vent, especially oily gas, the outlet can not short circuit and elsewhere against the window (especially residents of the window) and equipment, ground due 2M high level secure installation.

 2.2 All brass brass emissions were required to wear the same direction as the wire insulation and air conditioning along with cable ties wrapped together, try to walk the straight tube-like and fixed segments, pipe insulation and pipe insulation joints with electrical tape adhesion.

2.3 Wire emissions from all wire ties except tied with air conditioning, the need to use corrugated hose or tube to go trough wear protection, temperature display is not possible with wire cable wires close together.


 III. Cooling System Connection

 Due to host a condenser, an evaporator pressure in the factory have been sealed, so opening the bag, should have pressure, you can check whether tainted, brass factory should have closed two dust measures, the construction should pay attention to any sealed to waterproof dust from entering the tube, condenser (host); evaporator, brass connection with welding method, interface solid appearance.

 1. Configure performance according to each electrical appliances wire, wire diameter to meet the requirements, the joint firm, the tube can not be protected through provincial electrical connection is correct. Wire junction box into the evaporator hole, to be silicone seal, then lights the case of more than 36V electrical grounding is required, the main mechanical and electrical cabinet into the electricity required three-phase five-wire system, there must be grounded.

 2. The temperature is fixed on the day the board, the probe and the probe temperature display library together to penetrate the evaporator return air, and vacant, defrost thermostat is fixed on the day the board, another piercing probe storage evaporator return air, probe into the fins (not near the heating pipes).

 3. If the board can not be Exalted day, put the thermostat and frost thermostat evaporator fixed to the rear corner of the library, all the wiring of the seal, the other above.

 The balance hole (equalizing valve), do not install in a conspicuous place and stand outlet plate height of the upright portion plate down 200MM hole.


 IV. Cold commissioning specification

 1. Cooling System

 1.1 with N212Kg / cm2 for system leak, such as 2h no problem, can be evacuated, 1h no problem, then add Freon packing.

 1.2 No N2 is evacuated 2h no problem, charging freon 5Kg / cm2 Gas leak catch, no problems are to be tested machine.

 1.3 Check all wiring cable is correct, to meet the requirements, check the power is reached.

 2. Power test system cooling system cooling system after each component functioning, turn to supplements freon liquid soaked up, then adjust the thermostat setting, termination temperature and temperature (4 ~ 5 ℃), and observed the temperature reached the end temperature When the low pressure value, set low pressure protection value (less downtime value 0.4 ~ 1.2 Kg / cm2, 0.4 refrigeration, refrigerated 1.2 Kg / cm2) and differential pressure (0.5 Kg / cm2), high-voltage protection value has been set at the factory set at 25 Kg / cm2, unless special circumstances are not allowed to change, can be artificially adjust the pressure value, check the high and low can be protected, and adjust the thermal relay protection is turned 2.5 times the nominal current, but also the need to manually test its performance.


 3. The power test machine defrost systematic defrost timers SB3.8-1, adjust the frequency of 1-12 times per day, per file 2h, defrost time 2-60min, generally set at every 4h once every 25min defrost termination temperature set at + 25 ℃, defrost check for normal operation of electric wire, electric wire is draining properly heat.


  4. In case of a radiator from a host or host evaporator level from distances greater than 10M, height greater than 5M may be appropriate to add frozen oil.


  5. All kinds of data are set debugged, and then reset the start-stop three times, check whether the unit can work, then you can ask the customer to check and acceptance.


  6. After the above work, clean up inside and outside the health library, ask the customer inspection and acceptance throughout the refrigerator, signature confirmation and surrender.

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