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Inverter type -- Commercial display refrigerator


Latest company news about Inverter type -- Commercial display refrigerator

Inverter type -- Commercial display refrigerator


     Nowadays, the single function of refrigeration and preservation of food can no longer meet the needs of customers for refrigerators. Therefore, refrigerators with energy saving, precise temperature control, low noise, long service life, air-cooled frost-free and other diversified functions have gained more and more people's favor. So this content will introduce two types of "Commercial display refrigerator -- Inverter type" that can meet the above functions.


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  • What is a inverter type refrigerator ?


     "Inverter type refrigerator" refers to the refrigerator with variable frequency compressor with variable speed. This compressor can automatically adjust the speed according to the requirements of the refrigerator. The speed of the "fixed frequency refrigerator" is fixed and cannot be adjusted, so it can only rely on frequent starting and stopping of the compressor to provide cooling capacity. Therefore, " inverter type refrigerator " is more intelligent!


  • Why buy a inverter type refrigerator ?


  • Advantage 1: Energy saving and environmental protection

     "Inverter type refrigerator" adopts frequency conversion technology to accurately control the compressor in the work, so that it can change the speed according to the needs of the chiller or freezer, so that the refrigerator can keep low power operation. Because there is no need to frequently start and stop the compressor, so it can effectively reduce energy consumption, save electricity and protect environment.


  • Advantage 2: Precise temperature control

     Small temperature fluctuations can maintain the freshness of the ingredients in the refrigerator. "Inverter type refrigerator" based on this goal, by small amplitude constantly adjust the compressor speed, to achieve a constant temperature state. Therefore, it effectively prolongs the freshness time of the ingredients.


  • Advantage 3: Low noise and long service life

     Refrigerator noise mainly comes from compressor operation, start and stop. Because the "inverter type refrigerator" does not need frequent startup and shutdown, the refrigerator produces less noise in use and can operate relatively quietly. "Inverter type refrigerator" avoids constant operation, so it does less damage to the compressor and prolongs the service life.

  • Conclusion: Should we buy "Inverter type refrigerator"?

      The diversified functions of "inverter type refrigerator" are incomparable to those of "fixed frequency refrigerator". In order to pursue quieter use experience and better preservation effect of food ingredients, then "inverter type refrigerator" is your best choice.


      Green&Health company has been engaged in commercial refrigeration equipment for more than ten years. We are a professional manufacturer that can provide customized service, so that you can use the most affordable price to buy the most satisfactory products.



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