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how to use the freezer display cabinets correctly and quickly


Latest company news about how to use the freezer display cabinets correctly and quickly

What should we pay attention to when using the Refrigerated display cabinets?Guangzhou Green&Health Refrigeration Company found that we should concern the following tips:

1 start freezer before reperfusion power is required to ensure the integrity of Plug and socket connection ;
2 details of the refrigerated display cabinets use instructions and accessories, check whether the full range of accessories and the use of attention;
3. After opening the box to check the refrigerated display cabinet inside random accessories, and against the packing single check freezer attachment is complete, check whether the missing accessories;
4. Check the correct, refrigerators, freezers standing for half an hour, the power supply is switched on, listen carefully to the compressor in the startup and operation of sound is normal, whether there is pipeline each other percussion sound, if the noise is too large, check the product is placed smoothly, each pipeline whether contact and make corresponding adjustments.
Application of 5 single-phase three hole check seat, single junction. Users without grounding device shall be equipped with ground wire. When the grounding wire is arranged, the tap water and the gas pipeline can not be used to connect the ground wire, and the telephone line and the lightning rod can not be connected;
Refrigerated display cabinet with consumers shopping more and more emotional, refrigerator energy consumption issue caused widespread concern, manufacturers have launched a energy-saving refrigerator. But it is not the lower the energy consumption, the better.
In fact, not only to improve energy efficiency from the structure of the product itself, but also need to be carefully designed from the core components of the compressor unit collocation, so as to ensure that the product is recognized by the user.

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