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How to repair and clean the condenser


Latest company news about How to repair and clean the condenser

How to repair and clean the condenser


The condenser is one of the components used in commercial refrigerators. If it is used for a long time, it may cause certain damage or there is too much dust inside that needs to be cleaned. So how should we clean it?


First of all, what everyone can think of is definitely dismantling and cleaning. That's right, the first cleaning method we choose is to dismantle the tightening parts on the outer sleeve of the condenser. However, during the dismantling process, we must be careful not to damage some small parts. Next, we can use a nozzle for flushing.


If you feel that you may damage the condenser during the process of removing the external structure, you can also choose a water gun for direct flushing. However, during the high-pressure water gun flushing process, you must remove the front mesh, otherwise direct flushing may damage the condenser due to excessive pressure,


During the preparation process, we need to prepare a cloth and brush to simply scrub the surface of the condenser, which also prevents dust from being directly sprayed into the interior of the components during the flushing process with a high-pressure water gun.


The most important thing is to adjust the pressure and intensity during the assembly of the water gun, and rinse it from top to bottom, which will also clean it more thoroughly.



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