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How to deal with freezer bacteria?


Latest company news about How to deal with freezer bacteria?

How to deal with freezer bacteria?

The main role of the refrigerator is to keep food cold and fresh, and many people usually use improper treatment to lead to the growth of bacteria inside the refrigerator, especially mold. Therefore, it is necessary to clear the internal stock regularly and dispose of expired food. To combat bacterial growth, we need to do the following.

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1. Clean and disinfect the refrigerator once a month, not to clean the local area, but to clean and disinfect the entire refrigerator. Before cleaning, unplug the power supply, remove the food inside, and then scrub with a clean towel. After scrubbing, open the cabinet door for ventilation. 

2, usually the food should be classified, such as raw cooked food to be stored separately. Freezer upper temperature is the most stable, put leftovers, fast food, etc.

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3, vegetables and fruits with plastic wrap, for the purchase of vegetables and fruits, we need to clean it first, and then wrap it with plastic wrap or plastic wrap, and then put it in the freezer, vegetables are generally stored for no more than three days.


4, eggs should be placed in a specific location, there is a special place in the refrigerator, and try to separate eggs from other foods, because the eggs themselves exist many pollutants.

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5, the refrigerator should be regularly defrosted work, because the frost layer will lead to slow cooling effect, the required power consumption increases.

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Fresh Meat Showcase from Green&Health

1.Air cooling without frost, fast and uniform cooling.

2.Microcomputer intelligent temperature control, simple and easy to operate.

3.LED energy-saving lamp tube, high brightness, low power consumption.

4.Frequency conversion technology, low noise, energy saving of nearly 30% during normal operation.

5.Excellent compressor:long life span,stable performance,low noise,faster cooling.

6.The inside cabinet use stainless steel,corrosion resistant,easy to clean,prevent the food polluted,keep food fresh.

7.Microporous wind uniform distribution,temperature stability inside,food is not easy to dry.

8.The large capacity design, making the store more food.

9.Coated steel inner, health, beautiful and clean.


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