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How does Ice machine works


Latest company news about How does Ice machine works

How does Ice machine works



The principle of Ice machine is actually quite simple, core lies the evaporator.


Making Ice principle:


By water valve : water automatically enters a water storage tank , then by the flow control valve will be sent to the diversion of water through the pump head , where it evenly spray water onto the ice surface , like a curtain over the ice flows like the wall surface , the water is cooled to the freezing point , without being evaporated frozen water will flow into the water storage tank through the porous grooves , then restart cycle work.



1. Place the cold water into the tank of ice machine, and then through the pump will continue to circulate water in the tank through the evaporator .

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2. After the ice machine compressor starts, outside air is first sucked, and then to compress air and water through the compressor and then to a certain extent, it can not be pressed, then there would be no compression of the exhaust gas End discharge, and then continue through the compressor operation, allowing water to continue through the evaporator cooling, ice making machine thinks highly compressed water temperature is getting lower and lower, the important thing is the evaporator temperature is only -10 to -18 degrees , so that the water temperature from a sharp decline, reaching liquefaction effect. When the ice machine in the cold water temperature is below 0 degrees, they begin to lower the temperature of the evaporator is in contact with the surface of ice, know the contact surface reaches a certain thickness of the ice, you can turn on the defrost solenoid valve is often used in the form of heat pump de-icing, and then remove the ice from the ice machine, the next treatment process.

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Ice machine use:



1. Ice machine should be placed on ventilated place, away from heat storage place, avoid high temperature environment at work, at room temperature is best controlled at 20 degrees, compared with the other wall distance 30cm appropriate.



2. Turn on the water supply, the connecting pipe end (threaded valve) is screwed onto the bottom of the back of the ice machine through the outlet and the other end to the water faucet, note that the first pipe connecting port (interface) removed Once the tube is fixed to the tap port, then connect the tube mount, until no water leakage so far.



3. Open the taps and maintain through the water 2-5min, then turn the power to run automatically after 1min, the machine began to enter the ice condition.



4. The whole process does not affect the operation of the ice machine, requires first and second boot boot time interval 3-5min appropriate to avoid repeated short switching!



5. When ice water full alarm or alarm, switch stop interval time as fourth requirement is appropriate.



Snow ice machine for use:


1. Remove the packaging and remove the supplied paper bags and into the water from inside the bin, drains, ice spoon and other accessories.



2. Place the ice machine ventilation, keep a lot of space and with 150mm wall, away from heat. Ensure smooth placement machine.



3. The outlet pipe connecting with an accompanying ф12 soft plastic corrugated drainage pipe and back of the machine, and the other end is placed in the sewer mouth.



4. randomly said inlet pipe connected at one end attached to the water supply pipe taps, the other end of the ice machine is connected to the back of the valve nipple, note that when connecting pipes need to be placed into the ends of the seal ring (random distribution)



5. Unscrew the tap, to ensure smooth flow of water into the water.



6. Plug in the power cord, press the operator panel above the rocker switch, then start working ice machine, ice machine implementation of automatic continuous ice from the ice water → → → dehydration ice storage. If the amount of ice storage bin full of ice lantern reaches a certain extent on the operation panel light, ice machine only move down, when the external appearance without water or a water supply pipe failure, water shortages will light on the ice machine control panel, system ice machine downtime.



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