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How does cake Showcase working ?


Latest company news about How does cake Showcase working ?

How does cake Showcase working ?



Before introduce how does cake showcase working , we let everyone know what is cake display cabinet and the characteristics. Cake showcase is refrigeration equipment for cake display .


For a variety purposes of cake fresh , cake refrigeration, cake display , as well as the overall structure of the cake cabinet can be installed in all removable parts, all with tempered glass, so that is guaranteed to have a good display effect , but also to ensure that broken glass not hurt . Easy disassembly, transportation, moving, sliding and so on. Colors are black, white, red, and other colors; materials are marble, color steel, stainless steel, aluminum and leather, and other materials. Cake Showcase  is widely used in bakery, gift shop, a small supermarket, convenience store, in the business of cake, vegetables, beverages, beer  are widely used.

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Cake Showcase features:



1, With tempered heated glass, top materials.


2, Using imported compressors , like Embraco or optional joint venture brands like Konor.


3, completed function of cakes freshing ,cake display and cake refrigeration.


4, with a combined business of advertising design requirements.


5. Once the cooling problems, we must repair in the shortest time and avoid on the inside of the cake, vegetables, beverages, wine, spleen, and so the temperature enough appear emergence of significant losses.


6, full and rational use of the unique space.


7, looks beautiful novel, attract attention, while giving a good impression, eat taste.



But what is cake display refrigeration principle ?


We often see in the cake shop, but what cake cabinet refrigeration principle is it? Learn cake cabinet refrigeration principle can effectively save energy, why not do it! Let us work together to uncover the cake cabinet refrigeration principle mysterious veil of it!


Cake cabinet cooling principle:


actually, the cake display and freezers, refrigerators, air-conditioning refrigeration principle is the same. the cake showcase generally using R134a refrigerant, because he evaporation temperature at atmospheric pressure of roughly 100000Pa was -40.8 ℃, of course, high-pressure refrigerant, the evaporator temperature is correspondingly increased.



Cake display are generally built-in compressor, when the compressor starts, the ultra-low pressure cause the rise of the refrigerant.



Throttle is an essential thing of engine part , the role is to make high-pressure and low-pressure refrigerant in the cooling system to convert between high and low voltage cut-off point in that throttle. The high-pressure air flow into a mortgage, in this process will soon be surrounded by a lot of heat absorbed, resulting in a decrease in ambient temperature.



Overall different pressures corresponding to the different evaporation temperatures, under the same pressure, if the temperature is higher than a certain value, the refrigerant is gaseous; if the value is below a certain liquid; if in a certain value is the coexistence of two phases. There is the pressure is higher, the higher the liquefaction temperature; on the contrary, the pressure is reduced, the vaporization temperature will be reduced accordingly.


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