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How do we maintain commercial freezers ?


Latest company news about How do we maintain commercial freezers ?

How do we maintain commercial freezers?

latest company news about How do we maintain commercial freezers ?  0

1. Clean the refrigerator at least twice a year. When cleaning the refrigerator, first cut off the power supply, dip in water or dish detergent with a soft cloth, gently scrub, and then dip in water to wipe the detergent. After cleaning, firmly insert the power plug and check whether the temperature controller is set in the correct range.


2. The fins of the condenser of the freezer should be cleaned with a brush every two months or so, so as to improve the heat dissipation effect.


3. When the accessories in the cabinet are dirty and scale, they should be removed and cleaned with clean water or detergent, and the surface of electrical parts should be wiped with dry cloth.


4. In addition, when the refrigerator is not used for a long time, it should be unplugged from the power plug, wipe the cabinet clean, and then close the door after the cabinet is fully dry.


5. It should be noted that when defrosting, it is not possible to use sharp metal devices such as screwdriver, shovel knife and other objects in defrosting. When defrosting, it will accidentally puncture the aluminum liner of the refrigerator, resulting in evaporator damage and rust, leakage in the refrigerator system, and the refrigerator does not refrigerate.


6. Do not wipe the dust on the surface of commercial freezers with dry rags. Dust is made up of fiber, sand and silica. Many people use dry rags to clean and wipe the surface of commercial freezers. In fact, these fine particles will damage the commercial refrigerator paint surface in the friction of wiping back and forth.


7. Do not leave commercial freezers in the sun for a long time. After thermal expansion and contraction, it will cause the appearance of commercial freezers to go out of shape, or even stick the skin off, which greatly reduces the service life and beauty of commercial freezers.


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