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Cold Fresh Meat is better for your health than fresh meat


Latest company news about Cold Fresh Meat is better for your health than fresh meat

The meat that sells on the market can be divided into cold fresh meat, frozen meat and fresh meat three. Fresh meat that is "hot fresh meat" refers to the slaughter now sell now, without any cooling treatment of meat; Frozen meat is in between - 18 ℃ refrigerated storage outbound listed after the flesh; Cold fresh meat in recent years into our life. A lot of people in the traditional concept of confused the frozen meat and cold fresh meat. In fact, the cold fresh meat in both taste and nutrition preservation is better than that of the fresh meat and frozen meat.

Nutrition experts Sun Shuzhi said, cold fresh meat, chilled meat, PaiSuan meat, refers to the strict system of veterinary quarantine, after the slaughter of cattle carcass quick cooling processing, make the body temperature drop to 0 ~ 4 ℃ within 24 hours, and in the subsequent processing, circulation and sales process to the entire closed processing and transportation, always under cold chain within the scope of 0 ~ 4 ℃, can effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms. And cold fresh meat production to the environment temperature and workplace hygiene conditions are very strict, slaughter processing to HACCP -- that is, the management level of hazard analysis and critical control points. Cold fresh meat to absorb the advantages of hot fresh meat and frozen meat, and ruled out the defects of the two.

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As we all know, the general meaning of fresh meat namely hot fresh meat, slaughter is usually the first night, have a plenty of slaughter in the morning, got up early, this time without any cooling treatment. In processing, transportation and sales process, by airborne bacteria, viruses, and pollution of insects, vehicles, packing and so on. And at a relatively high temperature environment, bacteria will multiply, there is a potential safety hazard.

Frozen meat is the slaughter of fresh meat into freezers frozen quickly, generally below 18 ℃. Although less bacteria, frozen meat is safe to eat, but eat need to thaw, can lead to loss of nutrients, and taste is not as good as fresh meat, don't even say to catch the taste of cold fresh meat.

It is reported that as early as in the developed countries in the middle of the last century began to promote consumption of cold fresh meat, currently on the market in Europe and the us cold fresh meat already account for about 90% of the market share. Consumption of cold fresh meat should say is a kind of consumption progress, our country at present are also strongly advocated.

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