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Buy fresh meat cabinet tips


Latest company news about Buy fresh meat cabinet tips

The purchase of fresh meat cabinet needs to pay attention to several performance indicators

1. Fresh meat cabinet outsourcing design: When buying, the first thing we want is the appearance, especially in the supermarket, the appearance of luxury and beautiful fresh meat cabinet is of course more favored by customers, but we should pay more attention to its quality, of course, we hope to use it for a long time, so quality is its very important performance indicator.

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Green&Health Fresh meat showcase refrigerator


2. High-quality fresh meat freezers often use high-quality anti-collision profiles, no deformation, and corrosion, durable and can stand the test of time, environmental factors, fluoride-free has been the general trend of the industry, the energy efficiency index of the product, the degree of fluoridation, the degree of noise are all new indicators for consumers to examine fresh meat freezers.

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3. Refrigeration performance of fresh meat freezer: this is mainly reflected in the refrigeration temperature and refrigeration speed, the working temperature of high-quality vertical fresh meat freezer is differentiated by the most suitable temperature for food storage or preservation, and the use of step temperature design, partition insurance system can ensure that the juice contained in the food is not lower than the freezing point and maintain its fresh state.

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4. High quality fresh meat freezer Freezer temperature is about -2 degrees, high quality fresh meat freezer also through the use of special-shaped evaporation tube and matching with the appropriate refrigeration capacity of the unit, so that high quality fresh meat freezer refrigeration faster. To ensure the health and safety of the stored food is also guaranteed.

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Fresh Meat Showcase from Green&Health

1.Air cooling without frost, fast and uniform cooling.

2.Microcomputer intelligent temperature control, simple and easy to operate.

3.LED energy-saving lamp tube, high brightness, low power consumption.

4.Frequency conversion technology, low noise, energy saving of nearly 30% during normal operation.

5.Excellent compressor:long life span,stable performance,low noise,faster cooling.

6.The inside cabinet use stainless steel,corrosion resistant,easy to clean,prevent the food polluted,keep food fresh.

7.Microporous wind uniform distribution,temperature stability inside,food is not easy to dry.

8.The large capacity design, making the store more food.

9.Coated steel inner, health, beautiful and clean.


Green&Health company has been engaged in commercial refrigeration equipment for more than ten years. We are a professional manufacturer that can provide customized service, so that you can use the most affordable price to buy the most satisfactory products.

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